KFC Rings In 2024 With A Handful Of New Wraps

Chicken in a tortilla is a popular fast food dish, as seen in McDonald's Snack Wraps, Jack-in-the-Box Jack Wraps, Burger King, and Wendy's chicken wraps.

Many people are still puzzled why McDonald's discontinued a popular item, but other chains have stepped in to fill the gap.

KFC introduced chicken wraps in February 2023 to join the trend. Customers on TikTok criticized KFC's "Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps" for their small size and lack of content at their initial introduction.

Some said the lesser size is understandable given the chain only charges $5 for two wraps. The original wraps had two flavors: Classic and Spicy Slaw.

The Classic wrap has pickles and mayo, while the other has spicy sauce, pickles, and coleslaw. Both have crispy chicken tender in a flour tortilla.

Mashed reported that the business is celebrating 2024 by offering new wrap varieties to its two-for-$5 promotion.

KFC's latest menu offerings, including Spicy Mac & Cheese and Honey BBQ tastes, aim to enhance their standard mac and cheese wrap, which released in November 2023.

KFC's new Spicy Mac & Cheese Wrap has spicy mayo but is otherwise comparable.

The new Honey BBQ flavor is chicken tender, standard mayo, and pickles wrapped in a tortilla with honey BBQ sauce.

In a February 2023 conversation, a user stated that the KFC wrap was tasty but not worth the price, as it was the size of a $1 McDonalds snackwrap.

Some criticized inflation or "corporate greed," but others suggested the business sell two wraps for $3 for the size and taste.

Even TikTok food critics said the KFC wraps were smaller than expected, but they were comparable to other fast food businesses.

Another Reddit discussion noted that these snacks don't need to be full-sized meals. For those who find the wraps too small, the KFC app offers a free replacement.

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