FDA Recalled 3 Fresh Produce Items Due to Health Risks

A Costco soup with an undisclosed allergy and Trader Joe's cookies containing pebbles were among the significant food recalls this year. The FDA just recalled three fresh produce goods, adding to that list.

The latest of the three involves Gills Onions' pre-cut onion products that may contain salmonella. Gills Onions recalled their onions after the FDA linked a salmonella infection to them. The epidemic has infected 73 individuals in 22 states, with 15 hospitalized.

Diced yellow onions, celery, mirepoix, and red onions are recalled. Retailers in Arizona, California, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington sold them.

The recalled Gills Onion products are no longer available and should have August 2023 use-by dates, although some consumers may still have them in their freezer. 

The FDA notice included all recalled goods' use-by dates, lot numbers, and UPC codes.

Customers with possibly impacted items should destroy them immediately if the UPC code and use-by date match the notification. Gills Onions may be reached at 1-800-348-2255 or online for recall concerns.

The second recent fresh fruit recall involves 16-ounce Kroger Collard Greens that may contain Listeria. Listeria, a pathogen, may kill small infants, those with low immune systems, and people 65 and older.

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture found Listeria in the recalled Kroger Collard Greens during normal testing, but no infections have been recorded.

Between Aug. 7 and Oct. 20, produce wholesalers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Maryland received all recalled "Qilu Enterprise" mushrooms. All enoki mushrooms with the barcode 8928918610109 are recalled.

Discard or return affected packages to the store for a refund. Utopia Foods may be reached at 718.389.8898 with queries.