Cancun Airport To Get Billion Dollar Renovation in 2024

This year, Cancun International Airport will undergo a significant renovation.

Aeropuertos del Surest (ASUR), the airport's proprietor, has disclosed intentions to allocate $1.4 billion towards the enhancement and enlargement of passenger services at the establishment.

The Cancun Sun reports that the enhancements will concentrate on Terminal 1, Terminal 4, and a newly constructed Maya Train Station.

Established in 2017, Terminal 4 functions as a dual-purpose facility, accommodating a maximum of nine million passengers per year.

The terminal serves as the operational hub for several airlines, including Sun Country Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and Southwest Airlines.

The Cancun Sun reported that the billion-dollar plans include the expansion of Terminal 4 to accommodate additional flights and passengers.

It is also possible that the terminal will receive a new lounge and an on-site hotel, although the specifics of these amenities have yet to be confirmed.

Additionally included in the extensive renovations of Cancun International Airport will be Terminal 1, which is predominantly utilized for private and charter flights. 

Although the terminal primarily serves affluent passengers, it also receives operations from a modest airline based in Belize.

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