10 Liberating Short Messy Haircuts for women over 50

Short Messy

A short haircut with layers and bangs is lively and adaptable.

Filthy Tapered Cut:

A tapered back and chaotic layers on top are fashionable.

Bob Mess:

An angular bob with untidy layers is stylish and free.

Frayed Pixie:

A cool and daring haircut is a fading side and messy top.

Crop Pieces:

A piecey short crop cut gives a unique and artistic mood.

Clumsy Undercut:

Add textured layers and an undercut for a bold, freeing style.

Pixie Returned:

A sloppy ponytail gives a calm but sophisticated look.

Disconnected Layers:

Use disconnected layers for a chaotic, unique look.

Messy Mohawk: 

Mix a messy mohawk with bright hair colors for a bold look.

Messy Bob

Add complexity to a sloppy layered bob with highlights.

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